Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bieber Smoking Weed

 Justin Bieber smoking weed: A new image of the teen singer Justin Bieber is in press in which he is holding a pipe from grass and taking a breath. Well this rumor has caused quite a controversy for the singer's career. Also pictured is another part that tells us that he was not alone while smoking marijuana, someone with him. It's a very shocking news for fans of just Bieber and girls who are suffering from many other rumors (including the fake death of Bieber) of the beautiful singer are worried that their cute guy is becoming a bad boy. Drank is always surrounded by rumors inflammotory and most popular rumor of his death when a phony Web site pretending to be Fox News fans confused Justin Bieber is dead, and he became a drug addict burning Bieber chronic moist throughout the day.

 Now we all know that smoking is not a good habit and no matter what the smoke will kill you in any way. All smokers who is burning snuff, grass or some other toxic chemicals is hazardous to our health. Now weed is something that is considered a psychoactive drug and is the most illicit substance. Bieber, I love you and I will not end up like Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dog and other drug use celebrties! You are a teenager and needs to stop smoking aid because we can not see the bad side of him. I really do not think this photo is real, may have been tampered with Justin Bieber!

  If you look closer it seems that the picture was edited and the pipe is not actually touching the lips of Bieber, but we'll see how he reacts Bieber regard. But one thing is sure that if you really are a smoker, I think you need to help you stop smoking or else one day the real Fox News will broadcast the news of Bieber.